Our Philosophy:

The Relationship Model Keepin' it REAL


Year after year we witness a widening gap and continuing disconnect between youth of today and those who seek to have a positive influence on their lives. We believe, and have always believed that the answer is simple. Research has shown that a genuine, real, heart-felt relationship with our young people and students creates an effective form of communication. This not only fosters co-operation and trust but opens the door to greater self-esteem, engagement, and motivation. In other words, the knowledge of ones self, the will to persevere, and ultimately the accomplishment of goals.


The Relationship Approach to Education utilizes three primary relationship areas as a basis for intervention with the student: the parent, mentor and instructor. These relationships represent the principal influences in the life of the child and thus become the agencies for effective positive growth and change.


The instructor's role is central to the overall intervention with the student. This role must be flexible allowing for internal (intrapersonal) and external (interpersonal) mediation. In other words, the instructor moves in and out of the roles of parent, mentor and instructor to fit the particular need of the student.


The instructor is skilled and purposeful, utilizing the 'relationship' as a highly designed instrument for conveying information to, and instilling values in, the student. The instructor nurtures the student and supplies the needed encouragement and enthusiasm.