The Performance/Presentation Program

Course Description: This course will utilize an array of creative and innovative methods, beginning with theater games, focus exercises and team building techniques. Students will also be introduced to performance and presentation, which will include public speaking, movement and drama.


Students will engage in a group process and will learn to cooperate, and encourage each other to accomplish their goals as a team.


Lastly, this course will address Unity in Diversity… exploring how people of different backgrounds, races and cultures can find points of harmony and unity in the midst of their differences.


10 session course minimum.


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The Community/Educator Program

The community/educator program is a review and discussion of the relationship model of education and axiology (the study of human values). It will explore what works and what does not work when working with disadvantaged youth, children of color, and bright-disengaged students. It will also cover the benefits of understanding unity in diversity as it relates to interactions inside the classroom. Often what is perceived to be right or wrong is just....different.  


Participants of the program will then learn and experience the first 10 lessons of the Performance and Presentation Program. These lessons cover performance and presentation skills involving speech, drama, and movement, group dynamics, and team building.


1 day/8 hour course.


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