Insight programs are based on the Theory of Triadic Influence and Dr. Joy DeGruy's Relationship Model of Education which have been proven to be effective evidence-based multi-systemic treatment for the impact of positive behavioral changes in students. Changes include but are not limited to increased graduation rates, increased parental involvement, decreased negative behavior, and increased classroom performance.


President of INSIGHT, Oscar DeGruy has conducted community-based youth workshops for more than 40 years and now brings educators and community members together to help students develop the values and skills required to cope with the personal and social issues that challenge their everyday lives.





  • Discipline, Focus and Concentration

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Skilful Expression

  • Public Speaking and Movement Arts

  • Team Building and Problem-solving



  • Interpersonal and Community Violence

  • Racial and Cultural Diversity

  • Axiology (human values)

  • Building Relationships

  • Dignity and  Integrity