"I was able to begin...to build the kind of positive, supportive, mutually respectful and understanding relationships with my students that completely changed the demeanor of the entire class, resulting in much improved student achievement."... click here to read more


-L.M. Smith, Classroom Teacher, LAUSD, 2014


"It was encouraging to watch this group of students as they grew..." click here to read more


-Casey Robinson, Principal, Ketchikan Charter School, Ketchikan, Alaska 2010




"I learned about leadership, about giving back to the world..."

October 19, 2014

(Oscar DeGruy) is dedicated to improving life outcomes for youth and helping them build leadership skills...I would highly recommend (this) program in other schools and community programs that work toward increasing youth self-esteem, social skills, and developmental assets. click here to read more


-Kim Filla, LCSW

Director of Community Programs and Family Outreach, POIC, Portland, Oregon 2014

"Peace Village Newberg unequivocally endorses Oscar DeGruy for positive youth programs everywhere."... click here to read more


-Amanda Gronich, Coordinator, Peace Village Newberg, Newberg, Oregon 2014

"Using dance as an art form to bring together diverse groups from different cultural and racial backgrounds is an excellent way to break down barriers and bridge differences..." click here to read more


-Alma Manabat Parker, Owner studioMAX, Ketchikan, Alaska 2010